Online One-on-one Private Classes

An overview of the free-trial class: In the free-trial class, we will be doing: English-level checking Recommending the appropriate English book based on the checked level. One Grammar topic 5 Idioms Introduction of both teacher and student. The free-trial class lasts 20 minutes.


Some pieces of information about my private classes: As soon as your term starts, you’ll receive a discord server. In there, we will be having classes, chatrooms for asking your questions, English contents such as “Idiom of the day” or “Word of the day” And a 24/7 support (Expect 8 hours I sleep) And homework! I found homework very effective. You’ll be assigned to do some homework, if and only if you request it. I mean, it is optional to have homework. Some students refuse to have homework but some students ask for homework. The choice is yours! Each term contains 15 classes. So, each term costs $120. At the end of the term, if you don’t see progress in your English, I will give all your $120 tuition back! Guaranteed


The payment method is through Trust Wallet in USDT. It is $8 per class. 15 classes, so it will be $120 You can just go to an Exchange shop in your town, and tell them to transfer $120 with their own Trust Wallet account to my account. You don’t need to make an account or even downloading the app. Just go to an exchange shop. It’s their job, they will do it. Or you can do it yourself by charging your Trust Wallet account.


Send me an Email if you would like to book your free trial.


👇This is Yuri. He has been participating in my private classes for 6 months. I asked him to share his experience and opinion about my private classes in a video.

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